Be The One to SMILE!

Be the one to Smile & say HI to a complete stranger today. Be the one that says “Thank You” by name to the person helping you at the store. Be the one that encourages someone else to complete a goal. Be the one that reaches out to someone in need. Be the one that believes someone else is telling the truth, when nobody else believes them. Be the one that lets the past stay in the past, and makes the phone call that you both have been avoiding. Be the one that shares their lunch with someone who is hungry. Be the one to go the extra mile at work today. Be the one that volunteers for the job that nobody wants. Be the one that celebrates someone else for no good reason. Be the one that sends flowers to your spouse just to say “I Love You”. Be the one that turns off your phone and reads 2 books to your child. Be the one to give free advice today. Be the one to dance in the rain. Be the one to laugh out loud for no good reason other than encouraging others to laugh. Be the one that recognizes the beauty in everyone. BE THE ONE!

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